Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year. I love everything about it. Crisp, cool mornings. Falling leaves that blanket the ground. The sky seems bluer, the air cleaner. I love it!

Just like the earth goes through distinct seasons, we too have seasons in our lives. My husband and I are now empty nesters. It has taken a little time to adjust to having both of our children gone. It is a new chapter in our lives and we have determined that we will enjoy it, for that is what the Lord has been leading up to for all these years. Raising children that weren't ours in the first place, but a precious gift from God. It is God's plan that your children grow up and lead their own lives. Some days are easier than others though. It's tough to give them up! I think it's tougher on the Mom. It's hard to shift gears from being the caretaker, peacemaker, boo-boo kisser, problem solver, cook, maid and all the other hats that we Moms wear to having so much less of a mothering role. They still need me, but in much different ways. It's hard to step out of the way and let them find their own way.

Our daughter graduated from college.

Then two weeks later, our son graduated from High School.

We moved our daughter from her apartment in her college town to another city and college. Then we left our son at school and headed to the beach to catch our breaths for a little while

Our daughter got engaged and we immediately began making preparations for a May wedding.

Trying on dresses, decisions about flowers, colors, food, etc. It has been fun and oh so special.

During this time my sister and I gave our parents a 50th Anniversary Reception. It was nice to be able to celebrate their long marriage give something back to them for all that they have put into our lives.

Four days later I met my sister in Denver for some much needed sister time. She had to attend a conference for work and she asked me if I would like to come with her. Of course I said yes. We attended the musical "Wicked" and it was fabulous.

The weather was great while we were there. It was sunny and beautiful and we walked all over Denver. We ate lots of yummy food. One of the highlights of my trip was being able to meet a fellow blogger Holly, from Crown Laid Down for lunch on our first day in Denver. She was a delight and I was truly blessed to be able to spend some time with her. Of course I forgot to take a photograph of her.

This was the view of the Rocky Mountains from our hotel room. It was a great trip and I hope to go back very soon.

Thank you for indulging me. I didn't mean to write a novel. I just wanted to share what's going on in this season of my life. I have missed all of my blogger friends. I haven't forgotten about you. You have been in my thoughts and prayers and I am looking very forward to catching up with all of you.

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fuzzytop said...

I love Fall too!!! Thanks for sharing!


Lora said...

Fall is my favorite time of year too! And how true about the seasons of our lives! Our oldest will be graduating this next year - it is hard for me to believe in so many ways. I know that the LORD has given her to us for a season and that will soon be changing.

You have been busy Cindy. Congratulations on the college and high school graduations, the wedding planning and the 50th anniversary for your parents! I've missed you. So glad you were able to travel too. And meeting Holly! Isn't she a dear heart? She is a real jewel. Would have loved to have been at the lunch with both of you.

Bless you Cindy!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I love Fall and never have enough time to REALLY enjoy it....Can't sleep tonight, so am doing my favorite thing, blog hopping. Be sure and stop by my main blog, where there is a GREAT drawing tomorrow night! Then head over to my Christmas blog and get some Great IDEAS!!!

AmyW said...

The fall pictures are beautiful. I love the bridal gown photos. What a special time for your family.

While we are a few years away from being "empty-nesters," the oldest is graduating this year. Sometimes the reality of him leaving to go school just hits me like a ton of bricks.

Seeking Grace on the Narrow Path said...

Your life sounds so similar to mine. My oldest graduated from college almost 2 years. She married and is teaching now. My middle son graduated from High School and worked for 1 year and then decided to go to college. I still have my 15 year old at home. Thank goodness!
My mother ended her fight with cancer; she went home to be the Lord on Oct. 8th.
It has been a journey; which I continue on each day. God has been good to my family and me. Times have not been easy but God is with me.
So good to hear from you.
Your sister in Christ,