Thursday, December 4, 2008

What is the Truth?

For the past few nights I have had trouble sleeping and last night was no different. After tossing and turning for awhile I got up and got on the computer. Somehow that led me to a post about how Jesus wasn't born on December 25th.

The woman who made the post was very upset because she had been doing research and had come to the conclusion that Jesus really hadn't been born on December 25th like she had always believed. She stated that she couldn't believe that we "had been lied to and we are living with a myth." She goes on to say that everything about God is important to her and she needs accuracy pertaining to God. She isn't a Christian , is New Age and doesn't believe what the Christians believe about Jesus. She was getting ready to celebrate Jesus' birthday and now she can't because it isn't really on the 25th. She will never again have anything to do with Christmas. She doesn't believe that Jesus saves us, but thinks that we save ourselves. She didn't want to go to the Bible to find answers since the important detail of the actual date of Jesus birth had been left out. She was desperate to know the truth. Over 4oo comments were made pertaining to this post. Obviously I couldn't read them all, but I read enough to be deeply burdened for this woman and for several of the commenters who think that Christianity is based on lies. I stopped reading and began to pray that she would find the Truth.

Sometimes even we who are followers of Christ tend to get hung up on "details". Luke 2:6 says this about Christ's birth, "the time came for the baby to be born". We don't need to know the exact date. Just that Jesus came at the right time. In God's time.

So what is the truth? "The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth" (John 1:14).

Jesus is the Truth.

Life is Good,



fuzzytop said...

Sounds like the classic example of throwing the baby out with the bath water....

I too am so saddened by things like this - people are just so lost.


Irritable Mother said...

I agree with you, it's sad that people like that woman are so lost. But I know this is True - I once was lost, and now I am found. Jesus saved me!!!
And that woman is not so lost that she cannot be found. The Truth is - God can still reach her.
Nothing is impossible with God!

Leah said...

Bless her heart! It would be miserable to be searching so desperately for Truth and all the while Truth is right under your nose but you can't see if for the legalism eating you alive. What does it matter what day Jesus was born on--or when we celebrate it for that matter? Praise God that HE was born!!


Lora said...

Praise His Name that He did come at the appointed time! He is soo good to us!

You are right - life is good!
Blessings to you Cindy!

Lysa TerKeurst said...

My heart breaks when people try to figure God out. Science can only go so far in explaining things.

The Lord reigns in the mysterious and unexplainable. That's where faith steps in and ties all the loose ends up with God's chords of peace.

This was a great post.

It's nice to meet you in bloggy land!

Cathryn said...

Ah Cindy, was a sad post ~ so sad. This ole world - believing the lies against our Lord. Thank you for sharing this. You know ~ we truly don't know to what ends folk really need the Lord, the darkness they live in, the spiritual deprivation, the emotional and mental deprivation as well. Very sad indeed. Blessings ~ Cathryn