Saturday, July 10, 2010


Hello friends!  I have missed you all.  But for the last several weeks God has had me in a place of quiet rest.  A place of rest in Him.  After the flurry of activity leading up to my daughter's wedding I was ready for ttanquility, both physically and mentally!  The Lord had me to refrain from any blogging or blog hopping in this season.  I was just supposed to be still in Him. 

I've been able to read 6 books so far this summer, something I haven't done in a while.  I am one of those readers that gets completely and totally lost in my book and can't put it down.

I also began a new Bible study that I am enjoying greatly, From the Trash Pile to the Treasure Chest: Creating a Godly Legacy by my very good friend Leah Adams.  Perhaps you've heard of her.  Leah is in the process of final edits and it will come out in the fall.

Anyway, I've missed you.  So tell me, what has God been up to in your life?

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Ginger said...

I am leading Jesus the One and Only in a small-group Bible study--10 years after doing it the 1st time. God is pushing me to recognize His authority over all that concerns me. He's telling me to "watch" for what's coming!

Irritable Mother said...

Ah, rest is a good thing!
Congrats on making it through your daughter's wedding. You surely deserve the rest now. *grin*

God is always up to something, isn't He? And it's always GOOD. Right now I am continuing to learn to trust Him for my 'daily bread' - whether that's in the form of physical needs, wisdom, or rest...He gives me what I need when I need it. MY liking would be to have a stock-pile of everything I'm going to need for the next year, or so. But He doesn't work that way - and I'm learning to trust.

Joyce said...

Rest is a good thing and its nice to see you back. This has been an unusual summer so far...hmmm...flexibility, His ways are not my ways...just to name a couple : )

Joanna said...

I am learning to believe....I would like to say trust, but, I can't think of a time that I haven't trusted God. It's like I have been in a continual trust phase always knowing that He was/is there, and will always pick up the pieces when I fail. He is showing me the way to believe that He has been, is, and will always be. He has known every aspect of my life since before time was time. I don't just have to trust that He will be there, but, I can believe that He was there before. He knows. I can relax knowing that He has everything under control. Thanks for the Beth Moore book. I didn't realize how much of my life has been dictated by insecurities.
I'm still reading, wish I had time to not put it down, but, wouldn't change a thing. Enjoy your rest, I know we will all benefit from it!

ocean mommy said...

Rest is always good! I love that for this season of life, summer is a rest time for us. :)

About that question you asked on my blog, yes to the CD. E-mail for more info. :)


Laina said...

I am your newest follower :)

Lora said...


I've missed you to dear! I have been in a similar season - re-evaluating blogging, my motives, etc. It's been a season of pruning too. I'm so glad that the LORD makes us "lie down in green pastures".

Blessings to you.