Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Buzzards at the Beach

This week's edition of What I Am Learning is actually what I learned last week! Better late than never, right? (Please note, the title is not a reference to myself or anyone else in this post!)

Last week my husband and I were fortunate enough to accompany our very good friends Leah and Greg to Amelia Island. We stayed in a beautiful beachside condo and this was the view from our balcony. It was so peaceful and quiet. It was nice to be able to rest for a few days.

However, Leah looked out one day and this is what we saw:

Two red-tailed hawks. We see them a lot where we live, but I just never associate them with the beach. And then she saw this:

After much debate, we finally decided that yes, these were indeed buzzards and not some weird beach bird that we had never seen. I see these occasionally at home too. But never at the beach. It was the strangest thing. (So now you know that my post title was not in reference to Leah and I.) After the buzzards dined on their beachside delicacy, they flew over to the lawn of The Ritz Carlton which was next door to us. And apparently had a show down with one of the hawks.

And then they decided to sun themselves. Can you imagine paying a premium price to stay at The Ritz just to look out of your window and see buzzards on the lawn? Even though there are negative connotations that go along with buzzards, they really were quite impressive to see. God's handiwork is something else.

As you know by my previous posts about what I am learning, my Bible study group is doing the study No Other Gods by Kelly Minter. We have studied how false gods can become functional gods and some of the reasons why we have idols. This week we are studying how our false gods lie to us. On day three Kelly said this: "The lies that circle our false gods like buzzards will try to convince us that redemption is wrapped up in our idols, but it will never be so." Talk about show and tell! God used a visual reminder to go along with my Bible study that day. Wow!

On Saturday night, Leah spoke to the ladies of Amelia Baptist Church. She spoke on our legacy as Christian women. She caused us all to really examine just what kind of legacy we will leave

behind. What kind of legacy do you want to leave? Everything we do and say, how we act and react effects everyone around us. I want my legacy to reflect Christ.

Life is Good,



Leah said...

Great post!! That was a great move of the Lord to give us a visual concerning what we were studying, wasn't it??

I still just get so tickled at the buzzards on the lawn of the Ritz!!


Kerri said...

I LOVE the picture of the beach!! If we weren't shopping today, I'd be tempted to keep driving west to the ocean for the day!

About legacy...I really like Nicole Nordman's "Legacy" song. I posted this on Facebook the other day because I'd just finished the book "One Month to Live." What would my legacy be? I ask the questions "Did I choose love?" and "Did I share Jesus with you?"

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today and having a cup of whatever you're drinking! (do you drink coffee or something else? I enjoy serving my friends what they truly enjoy and not just coffee because it's my drink of choice!)

Headed out to shop~

Lora said...


A trip to Amelia Island sounds so warm and cozy to my cold feet today! I'm so glad that you all went with friends too.

I love the "show and tell" God gave you! He is so good to speak to us in the ways we can remember.

I have been thinking about my legacy this week and so wanting my family to have a real and personal relationships with God that are independent of mine. I want an authentic life with Christ so that they want what I have(a relationship with Father, Spirit, Jesus). I want Christ to shine so brightly in me, that others are drawn to Him.

Bless you Cindy!

ocean mommy said...

I'm so glad you had pictures! Those things are huge!!!

Hope you are having a great MOnday!